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Re: Firefox bugs mass-closed.

Hi Pierre!

You wrote:

> and _I_ find perfectly sensible that bugs that are opened for say 1
> year, get a "ping" mail to the submitter to say (basically):
>       heya this bug is opened for [X months], and since last version
>     ([VER]) the maintainer uploaded [X] new upstream releases, and maybe
>     your bug was fixed. If you can check it, you would save us a lot of
>     work. If the bug is closed, please send a mail to
>     control@bugs.debian.org containing:

Indeed.  But the tone of the messge you are proposing here sounds much
different than the one that was actually sent in this case.  At least to
me (a non-native speaker), the above message seems much more friendly
than the one that was sent in the firefox case.  
I think that's actually pretty important for messages like these: let
the use know that their efforts are very much appreciated and explain
why it's (nearly) impossible to handle all the bugs manually.

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