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[RFC] Promoting the use of "Homepage:" field in debian/control

A recent discussion back in August, in -devel, showed that the current
common trick of using a "Homepage:" pseudo-field in binary packages'
descriptions is not really optimal.

In the discussion, it was pointed that dpkg, as of 1.14.6, supports
the use of a "Homepage:" field in debian/control.

As a consequence, it seems logical to promote the use of that field
and recommend abandoning "Homepage" paragraphs in packages'

As, in the Smith review project conducted on debian-l10n-english, we
review packages' descriptions, we would like to get more input about
recommending the use of that new field from now.

Are there any reasons *not* to do so (such as other tools that would be
broken or the like)?

Of course, a mass bug-filing could also later happen but that would
probably be a *huge* bug filing which should be avoided now. Entering
a transition period where all communication media towards develpers
are used to suggest switching to the use of this field would be more

Of course, documents such as the Developer's Reference wuold then need
to be adapted.



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