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Re: [RFC] Promoting the use of "Homepage:" field in debian/control

to, 2007-09-20 kello 07:05 +0200, Christian Perrier kirjoitti:
> Of course, a mass bug-filing could also later happen but that would
> probably be a *huge* bug filing which should be avoided now. Entering
> a transition period where all communication media towards develpers
> are used to suggest switching to the use of this field would be more
> appropriate.
> Of course, documents such as the Developer's Reference wuold then need
> to be adapted.

I'd start with amending the Developers' Reference, then having a test
added to lintian and linda, and after that announcing it on
debian-devel-announce. Then next year, after everyone's had time to
react and upload new packages, do a mass bug filing.

It's 1978! Things should be round by now -- Michael Kelso (That 70's

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