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Re: Debian's Linux kernel continues to regress on freedom


John Kelly wrote:
> If only maintainers qualify as "users" then your social contract is a
> farce.

The social contract is a voluntary agreement. You are free to accept it,
but don't expect to get counted (as in being a DD) in votes if you
don't. DDs are bound to the Social Contract. If they don't agree with it
they can change it following Debian's constitution[1] -- or leave the
project (loosing voting rights). But as every DD initially agreed to the
Social Contract there is obviously little probability to succeed without
having really good and strong arguments.

1. http://www.debian.org/devel/constitution

So, please stop trolling. If you want a different Social Contract start
your own project or follow Debian's constitution. It's your very own
freedom to do so. The Debian project does not oblige its users to be
Debian Developer.


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