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Re: Debian's Linux kernel continues to regress on freedom

On Wed, Sep 12, 2007 at 03:42:28PM +0200, Ondrej Certik wrote:
> > I guess the Social Contract really is a joke.  I don't know why new applicants
> > are supposed to agree to it.  Old members apparently violate it at will for years
> > with no consequences.
> >
> > It doesn't make me respect Debian very much.
> I am not a DD (yet), but all my packages were very strictly checked
> for all non-free stuff that I forgot to delete and the Social Contract
> is not a joke at all. This is why I am using Debian.
> > Developers you have, are better than developers you don't have.  The
> > ones you have, make Debian what it is.  If reality doesn't match the
> > theory, change the theory, not the reality.
> I disagree - this is one of the reasons I am using Debian, because it
> strictly distinguishes between main and non-free.
> If there are some non-free parts in the kernel, it can go to non-free
> immediatelly, so that users can use it now, but things in main should
> be DFSG free and that's how it should be. As I see it, the non-free
> section is here precisely for those cases, that intuition says the
> packages should be in Debian, nevertheless, they are not DFSG free.

Then, where was your support last year, when the non-free firmware GR
disaster happened, and the work i and the kernel team was doing to
progress on this issue was duly sabotaged by both MAnoj and Steve
Langasek ?

IF you close your eyes while people get attacked beside you for trying
to do what you are calling for, then you have nothing to complain when
things not happen like you want. Especially when those people who
involve themselves get the kind of suffering and abuse i got because of
my implication in the non-free firmware discussion.

Note, i have since been expulsed, banned, humiliated, punished, kicked
out of the kernel team, and in general am considered as a sub-human of
the most evil kind, while everyone congratulated themselves to get ride
of me. This mail will thus most probably not reach the mailing lists,
consider bouncing it if you consider it appropriate.


Sven Luther

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