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Re: Debian's Linux kernel continues to regress on freedom

> I guess the Social Contract really is a joke.  I don't know why new applicants
> are supposed to agree to it.  Old members apparently violate it at will for years
> with no consequences.
> It doesn't make me respect Debian very much.

I am not a DD (yet), but all my packages were very strictly checked
for all non-free stuff that I forgot to delete and the Social Contract
is not a joke at all. This is why I am using Debian.

> Developers you have, are better than developers you don't have.  The
> ones you have, make Debian what it is.  If reality doesn't match the
> theory, change the theory, not the reality.

I disagree - this is one of the reasons I am using Debian, because it
strictly distinguishes between main and non-free.

If there are some non-free parts in the kernel, it can go to non-free
immediatelly, so that users can use it now, but things in main should
be DFSG free and that's how it should be. As I see it, the non-free
section is here precisely for those cases, that intuition says the
packages should be in Debian, nevertheless, they are not DFSG free.


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