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Re: Requesting advice regarding creating a custom Debian distribution

Let me explain to you the why I have decided to start the project. I have searched for a lightweight distribution and none of what is available has been what I wanted for one reason or another. I also have used IceWM on an older laptop for a while and like it. Debain has most of what I need for a desktop, but it is trial and error to find what fits and somewhat of a pain to install everything ;) Picture if you will the person who wants to try debian on an older machine, not only do they not have the skills to configure everything from the command line but they do not know what to install.
 Picture installation from a dialup modem. to do this one has 2 options.
Option 1) Download all of the CD's, as the old machine does not have a dvd player.
   Option 2) Download the net install CD and install everything over dialup.
Enter option 3 - my option - download 1 CD and install everything they need. Anything not included can then be installed from the debian repository. Problem solved.

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