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Re: Debian Packaging Handbook project

Alle mer 15 agosto 2007, martin f krafft ha scritto:
> also sprach Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> [2007.08.10.1746 +0200]:
> >         Martin Krafft and I jointly gave a talk at Debconf about use of
> >  distributed version control systems for Debian packages (this is the
> >  quilt/dpatch/other dimension); I would be happy to help documenting
> >  that aspect.
> And I would be happy to contribute to any Debian Packaging Handbook
> effort, though I can't really write much these days. But I am always
> up for a chat, live, on IRC, via Email, or on the phone.

Manoj and Martin, thank you. :-)

I also can't write much by myself, just because my knowledge is so little, but 
I'm willing to contribute by now in several ways to such efforts (ATM, in my 
little spare time).

Manoj, please don't hesitate to edit that wiki page (and, at your choice, 
create new pages!).

BTW, does anybody have any concerns about the licensing?

Luca Brivio

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