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Packaging source code and Debian diffs (was: [CMake] Producing deb package with 'ar')

"Mathieu Malaterre" <mathieu.malaterre@gmail.com> writes:

> If there is no original source code - for example, if the package is
> specially prepared for Debian or the Debian maintainer is the same
> as the upstream maintainer - the format is slightly different: then
> there is no diff, and the tarfile is named package_version.tar.gz,
> and preferably contains a directory named package-version

Even if the same person shares both "upstream author" and "Debian
packager" roles, it is highly recommended that you generate a
'foo_1.0.orig.tar.gz' containing the source code that is not
Debian-specific, and a 'foo_1.0-1.diff.gz' patch file that applies the
Debian-specific changes to make it a package.

This way, the source code can more easily be used and tracked on
non-Debian distributions, and transformed simply into a non-Debian

The lack of a 'foo_1.0-1.diff.gz' implies that the package is *only*
ever of use on a Debian system, and is of no purpose outside a Debian
system. If that's not true for your package, you should make it like
any other non-native package.


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