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[CMake] Producing deb package with 'ar'


  I am currently working on integrating debian packaging system in
cpack (part of CMake, see cmake.org). Basically cpack used to have a
simple tarball system for creating package on *NIX. I simply had to
encapsulate this tarball within an 'ar'ball, with a control and a
md5sums file (*)

  I am now wondering if I should also create some sort of debian
'source' package. As far as I understand there is no such thing, but
instead your are distributing a copy of the original tarball of the
package and a diff file. Is this correct ? If so I need to generate a
diff file wich contains a minial 'debian/rules' file, correct ?

thanks for comment,

(*) I have been searching quite a lot the web for creating binary
debian package using 'ar'. Since CMake is a cross platform tool, I
thought this would make sense to use the most common tool on *NIX:
'ar' instead of asking cmake user to install specific dpkg build tool.
In an ideal world I should be able to cross compile using cmake under
windows to generate debian package...

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