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Re: /bin/sh diversions

Pierre Habouzit dixit:

>>     https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dash/+bug/61463

This is just clueless script writers and general whining; these
issues could be fixed one by one. (Actually, even with current
Debian policy, they're bugs.)

>  * [[ for test, trivial: add it as a test alias, and also check for ]]
>    termination in the test.c builtin.

There's quite some difference though: -a and -o become && and ||,
\! doesn't work (operators have to be unquoted), the single-argument
form [ $foo ] is not supported (use [[ -n $foo ]]), variables are
not expanded, etc. - see http://www.mirbsd.org/man1/mksh.htm or the
AT&T ksh documentation ([[ is originally a Korn shell feature).

>  * echo -e: trivial to implement in the printf.c builtin.

People who still use echo in portable scripts should be shot anyway ☺☻
but this one is so common that I'd actually agree this could be supported.

>  * { } globbing, dash uses the glibc's glob, so it's just a matter of
>    adding | GLOB_BRACE to the flags.

This csh-style globbing is enabled in some shells by "set -o braceexpand",
and some scripts (such as NetBSD's build.sh) explicitly turn it off; enab-
ling it by default could be dangerous (as they use "case $KSH_VERSION in…"
for checking if to disable it - who knows who else...).

>  Maybe source (for .) could be added

Where does that one come from anyway? I haven't seen it in Korn shell…

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