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Re: Any problems with mips/mipsel?

* Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org> [2007-07-05 13:01:36 +0200]:

> You should check http://buildd.debian.org/<pkg> which will tell you that
> both attempted to build your package but failed. Looks like a toolchain
> issue to me. You could ask on <arch>@buildd.debian.org to retry the
> package. Or you could try to find out first if the issue is fixed,
> that might be easily possible or not.

So, what can a developer do when builds for a package consistently fail on
mips/mipsel? Buildd logs are not very helpful in this case since they just
show uninformative assembler failure messages. I also made several unanswered
requests to debian-admin@lists.debian.org for build-depends installation on
any developer accessible mips/mipsel machine to try looking at the build to
figure out the problem.

I'm not sure what the next step to take would be.


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