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Re: Considerations for 'xmms' removal from Debian

Eduard Bloch <edi <at> gmx.de> writes:

> I disagree. As said, I dislike a simple player touching every file for no
> good reason, and I do not consider "codec detection" a such one. There
> is simply no important information you would gather from that. Validity
> of the file and the length are only interesting at play time.

We've added a "feature" for people who feel this way which allows detection to
be entirely postponed until playtime. However, that is only fully functional in
1.3 and later.

> I fail to see what is so "broken" about the XMMS way. It may be
> inconvinient for you when doing (re)design since you have to deal with
> uncerntainity. But, well, are you going to create a comfortable player or
> yet another piece of stupid multimedia software?

Well, I guess in your opinion we are going to create 'yet another piece of
stupid multimedia software.'

> And this is documented... where? Why not in the documentation balloons?
> Ever heard about ISO 9241? Please get a copy and read parts 13 and 14, I
> would also recommend reading VDI 3850 which is IMO a good tutorial in
> designing human machine interfaces.

It is documented at http://audacious-media-player.org/FAQ#11.4

Oh by the way, debian users can still use XMMS. There's nothing wrong with
stopping them from:

1) Doing ./configure; make; make install, or:

2) Copying the debian source archives from the previous release and using dbuild
to build packages for Lenny.

and odds are:

3) Somebody else will have already done this and made a repo somewhere.
Rarewares comes to mind.

So honestly, if Audacious is not a suitable replacement for you it does not
really matter as there are ways to retain XMMS.


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