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Re: adding desktop files to misc packages

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> I wouldn't speak for KDE, but after this discussion, I'd recommend
> dropping it from the gnome-desktop task.

Ok, well, I outlined in my other mail what I feel needs to happen before
that could be done.

> There seem to be a strong opposition to any proposal willing to fix the
> Debian menu. People will all want to keep their pet useless entry in the
> menu, and forcing them to migrate to another system will just lead to
> the same clutter in the new menu. It will be too difficult to make the
> project move as a whole in the same direction. We GNOME people focus on
> usability, and this goal seems incompatible with some other developers'
> will. I have seen how hard it is to make people fix their crappy debconf
> questions, and at least in this case the debconf and d-i developers
> could act as a central authority.

I've never had any difficulty getting people to fix debconf questions.
Neither have others such as Christian Perrier, AFAIK. (This may have
something to do with us not writing inflammatory paragraphs like the one
above when we do it.)

see shy jo

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