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Re: Considerations for 'xmms' removal from Debian

On Sat, 14 Jul 2007, William Pitcock wrote:
> I am complaining about developer time being wasted by xmms zealots
> which will likely harass us on our tracker.

There's little that can be done to educate or placate zealots; but
considering that everyone is talking about transitioning to audacious,
not advertising (heh; amusing that someone thinks we have PR) adacious
as an xmms clone.

> Then debian will resolve their complaints locally using patches,
> which means we will likely have to adopt the position of not
> providing any upstream support to debian. I would like to avoid
> that, but if debian patches audacious to make it work like XMMS,
> then we would have no choice but to reject bugs reported to us using
> the debian patched binaries.

The point isn't that the maintainers would blindly follow the user's
bug reports. The point is that the maintainers will filter out inane
and irrelevant bug reports before forwarding them upstream, reducing
the load on upstream developers due to whatever package descriptions
and transition plans that Debian implements.

In general, bug reports should be filed against the Debian package.
The Debian maintainer is more than capable of discerning whether the
bug is due to a custom modification present in Debian only, or whether
it exists upstream, and forwarding the bug appropriately.

> As an example, what Debian ships as 'xmms' is quite different than
> what you normally get in the CVS of XMMS. I would like to see that
> not happen to audacious.

That's really a matter of maintainers working closely with upstream
developers. Rather than this mailing list the person you should be
coordinating with and talking to is Adam Cécile. [Hopefully you were
already aware that he is the audacious maintainer.]

Don Armstrong

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