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Re: adding desktop files to misc packages

* Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> [070714 14:44]:
> #include <hallo.h>
> I also suggest moving away from the Debian menu files to .desktop files
> because of more flexible format. Therefore, if the menu using packages
> support the new style, they would read the menu data from those .desktop
> files.

What do you mean with "format" and what with "more flexible"?
There can hardly be anything more flexible than free-style key-string
pairs. I'm still waiting from the last discussion about the most basic
documentation about the free desktop mess:
How do I as user override a menu item? How as admin?
(At least to this question there is said to be an answer, something
involving creating an undocumented directory and putting things in
Not to speak about all the more complicated stuff. And inventing all
kind of new .desktop things for those things not part of it
(window manager specific modules, window managers, ...) does not sound
that much easier...

	Bernhard R. Link

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