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Re: adding desktop files to misc packages

On Friday 13 July 2007 23:30, Darren Salt wrote:
> I demand that Bastian Venthur may or may not have written...
> [snip]
> > The most annoying part of our Debian menu is, that it is too complicated.
> > The first level with the entries: Apps, Screen, Help, Games and X-Shells
> > is pretty useless, and adds unnecessary depth to the menu tree. It would
> > be a major improvement if we would move the Apps section to the root of
> > the tree and sort the remaining sections (Screen, Help, Games and
> > X-Sheels) *into* this section. That would reduce the depth of the menu
> > tree by one, and would be a huge improvement of usability.
> All five already are at the top level in my customised Xfce menu; for me,
> your proposal would increase the depth by one level for all but Apps.

If so, the contents of Apps could presumably be moved to the top level, 
decreasing the depth by one for Apps even there, and leave the level of the 
relatively few other entries the same, or maybe in some cases increased by 

Magnus Holmgren        holmgren@lysator.liu.se
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