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Re: adding desktop files to misc packages

Joey Hess wrote:
> Assuming that's accurate, I don't understand why we would want to add
> desktop files to lots of non-Gnome, non-KDE applications such as xgalaga
> and kobodeluxe[1]. It seems that if we added desktop files for
> _everything_, the abovementioned benefits would basically be lost. And
> we'd have to maintain both desktop files and Debian menu files for
> _everything_, which turns the abovementioned technical infelicity from
> not very nice but manageable on a small scale, to a gobal PITA.

Personally, I don't use the Debian menu at all. All the important apps I
use have a proper menu entries outside of the Debian menu or are
terminal applications which don't need a menu entry.

The most annoying part of our Debian menu is, that it is too
complicated. The first level with the entries: Apps, Screen, Help, Games
and X-Shells is pretty useless, and adds unnecessary depth to the menu
tree. It would be a major improvement if we would move the Apps section
to the root of the tree and sort the remaining sections (Screen, Help,
Games and X-Sheels) *into* this section. That would reduce the depth of
the menu tree by one, and would be a huge improvement of usability.

Besides that, from my naive-user's point of view I wonder why my menu
has so many redundant entries? Maybe we could get rid of the Debian menu
completely and just use the underlying system to create proper desktop
files for packages not providing their own?



Bastian Venthur                                      http://venthur.de
Debian Developer                                 venthur at debian org

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