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Re: adding desktop files to misc packages

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

> Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:
>> Assuming that's accurate, I don't understand why we would want to add
>> desktop files to lots of non-Gnome, non-KDE applications such as xgalaga
>> and kobodeluxe[1]. It seems that if we added desktop files for
>> _everything_, the abovementioned benefits would basically be lost. And
>> we'd have to maintain both desktop files and Debian menu files for
>> _everything_, which turns the abovementioned technical infelicity from
>> not very nice but manageable on a small scale, to a gobal PITA.
> A related question that I've been wanting to ask for a while:  is it
> possible to automatically generate desktop files from the menu files?
> If not, should we be enhancing the menu format so that we can?

Or, perhaps an even better approach would be to swap that idea around
and create the menu files from the desktop files, so that we get the
benefits of the desktop file format, and also allow older systems
supported by the Debian menu system to gain access to them.  Perhaps
systems patched to use the Debian menu system could be updated to
support the menu files directly?

I have also wondered for a year or more now if the continuation of
Debian menu is largely NIH now that there is a cross-distribution,
cross-desktop standardised menu system which we could (presumably)
compatibly upgrade the menu system to use if we so chose, and then
eventually retire it completely if possible.


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