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[Help] WordNet -> dict conversion (Was: [Help] Autoconf problems when trying to build WordNet 3.0 package)

On Wed, 27 Jun 2007, Azazel wrote:

There's an acinclude.m4 file in the 2.1 source which is missing from
your 3.0 source which may be relevant.  I've attached it.

This hint seemed me very reasonable and worked fine.
Thanks for all who provided help.

Now I was able to prepare packages from WordNet 3.0 which
are available at


The last remaining problem is in the WordNet dict conversion
program that was kindly provided by Sebastian Hagen
<sebastian_hagen@memespace.net>.  It just happens that

   $ dictl -d wn test

works fine but

   $ dictl -d wn toast
   No definitions found for "toast", perhaps you mean:
   wn:  oast  boast  roast

Even if there is

   $ wn toast -over
   Overview of noun toast

   The noun toast has 4 senses (first 1 from tagged texts)

So this problem was just solved by Sebastian for WordNet 2.1 and
I just hope that he could review his code to make things work also
under 3.0.

Kind regards and thanks for the help



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