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Re: [Help] Autoconf problems when trying to build WordNet 3.0 package

On Wed, 27 Jun 2007, Ben Pfaff wrote:

OK, I can see now that /usr/lib/tk8.4/tkConfig.sh sets TK_PREFIX
in the environment of "configure".  But what is meant to
propagate this environment variable into the Makefile?  I don't
see anything intended to do that.  Autoconf does not
automatically propagate all environment variables from
"configure" into Makefiles (nor should it).

It looks to me like there's a missing piece in the build system.

Yes, you both seem to come to the same conclusion as I myself - but
I have no idea how to fix this.  There must be some trick to propagate
these variables, but how?  I've got no clue out of reading the
texinfo docs.

Kind regards



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