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Re: APT 0.7 for sid

On 11-Jun-07, 08:45 (CDT), Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> wrote: 
> On Sun, Jun 10, 2007 at 06:08:44PM -0500, Steve Greenland wrote:
> > Really? I'd have guessed that most people used aptitude. I can't imagine
> > anyone preferring synaptic to aptitude. Of course, I don't really
> > understand why anyone prefers [any graphical MUA] to mutt, or [any
> > graphical newsreader] to trn. I mean, GUIs are nice for things you don't
> > use every day, but for serious work, they're so damn slow and klutzy.
> My mum uses synaptic.

Of course she does. If I was setting up a Debian box for my mother (or
any other new convert from Windows or OSX), I'd show her synaptic, too.
I'm not insane. Nor was my comment meant to bash synaptic (or GUI tool
users); as I noted, for things that I use rarely, GUI frontends are

Actually, my comment was mostly meant to keep Daniel from getting
depressed and dropping aptitude :-)


Steve Greenland
    The irony is that Bill Gates claims to be making a stable operating
    system and Linus Torvalds claims to be trying to take over the
    world.       -- seen on the net

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