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Re: Why not move Apt to a relational database

  I'm sorry I don't have more time to comment on this.

On Sun, Jun 03, 2007 at 10:55:01AM +0100, Justin Emmanuel <justinemmanuel@gmail.com> was heard to say:
> Based on a relational database it will run faster, also there should be
> some more data stored about the programs to facilitate system restoring.

  Is this really true?  I'll freely admit that I have only cursory
experience with RDBMSes.  However, with the current apt cache code,
lookups are basically a pointer dereference (and maybe a page fault).
I don't see how an RDBMS could possibly improve on that.  There might be
other benefits to an RDBMS, but I'm not convinced this is one.

  One benefit which I didn't see listed in your mail is that it might
become easier to augment the cache with more information; a great deal
of slowness in aptitude's startup, for instance, comes from reading
tables that aren't included in apt's global cache.


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