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checklib... (Re: checklib)

On Fri, Jun 01, 2007 at 04:24:20PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> > - `objdump' can handle one file at time (and not buggy).
>         I don't understand that comment.
> ,----[  Manual page objdump(1) ]
> |        objdump [-a|--archive-headers] <<SNIP>>  objfile...
> |        objdump  displays  information  about  one  or  more object files. 
> `----
That also means, that test case for `readelf' in prev. message wasn't
read. Anyway.

"checklibs..."[0] is a script (sh + sed) to find redundant linked
libraries. As example, here's output for "/bin/*":

|olecom@flower:/bin$ time /tmp/ck/checklibs... 2>/tmp/chl_stderr.log
|[/lib/libnsl.so.1]              ? [./cpio ./ksh ./mt ./mt-gnu ./rzsh ./zsh ./zsh4 ]
|[/lib/libresolv.so.2]           ? [./ip ./ping ./ping6 ]
|[/lib/libcfont.so.0]            ? [./loadkeys ]
|[/lib/libuuid.so.1]             ? [./mount ./umount ]
|real    0m1.043s
|user    0m0.920s
|sys     0m0.144s

I don't know about false positives, but if you are linking for more fun,
there's more ;)

Results are quite interesting and are subject to testing. Xchat and
XMMS plugins is easy way to start.

Hope, this script will be useful and *interesting*.

[0] <ftp://flower.upol.cz/checklibs.../>

I was very excited about to implement something as interesting as this
one. My last message with flame-like subject was just a need to reply,
while nothing was ready. But unlike "cleaL10n", "checklibs..." wasn't
downloaded for sport interest. Funny, that i've spent all time for
latter, while started from former. Sorry, for bugs, i'll fix them soon.
While being at "checklibs..." i've found *features* in dash, busybox's
sed (fixed upstream, not in sid), readelf (sid). Also, statement about
prominent bug in the BaSH (#1 in the man page) regarding speed was
conformed. It's 2-3 times slower, than dash.

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