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Why not move Apt to a relational database

I am brand new to this mailing list, I joined it because I had an idea
that I would like to have considered. Moving apt to a relational
database, for several reasons.

Based on a relational database it will run faster, also there should be
some more data stored about the programs to facilitate system restoring.
The data should be backed up automatically and regularly, so that if the
database is stored on another computer and first computer has a hardware
failure, the data from the backup can be used to completely restore the
computer to its status again. It should be a relational database that
contains checksums of the compressed and uncompressed state of files
that will be installed. So that if there is a problem with the computer
and something is segfaulting, every file on the computer can be checked
against this information, including freshly downloaded files, so that
they can find out if any of them are corrupt and need to be replaced.
Then apt can automatically download the file. I have had to numerous
times manually edit the text database that apt writes to because
something had been changed to "." when it should have been ">". In a
good relational database, the version numbers can be kept separately
from the rest of the data, this will all go to help avoid corruption and
lead to scalability both for individual machines and networked
enterprise machines.
The data at every level can be split into different tables using
normalisation, increasing the speed of the reading and making sure that
only the files that need to be parsed get parsed.

So what do you think? Is this the correct mailing list to send this idea

Many thanks.

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