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Re: Why not move Apt to a relational database

#include <hallo.h>
* Joey Schulze [Sun, Jun 03 2007, 12:22:46PM]:
> Justin Emmanuel wrote:
> > I am brand new to this mailing list, I joined it because I had an idea
> > that I would like to have considered. Moving apt to a relational
> > database, for several reasons.
> Before reading on, have you considered the following:

Interesting points, but IMHO it is not Apt having the described problems
but dpkg. Let's reconsider your objections on that:

>  - using an RDB requires a running RDBMS
>  - running an RDBMS requires memory and cpu usage

If that takes much less than reading all the files, why is that a bad
deal? Finally, this could be made configurable. Embedded systems having
less CPU power but much faster filesystem access times (running in
memory) may keep using the plain file based database.

This all is subjective talk, I didn't have a look at the particular dpkg
code yet.

>  - in case of an upgrade RDBMSs often dump there databases and import
>    them.  What will happen when the upgrade fails during this?  No
>    package database would be really bad

What is the problem with having an internal embedded version of sqlite
and only upgrade when needed and make the upgrade path more safe than
with regular packages?

>  - copying parts of the database to another system, or patching it
>    is not as easy as it is with plain files

How often do you copy and patch /var/lib/dpkg/?


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