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Re: Is wx salvageable? (was Re: Is Ron Lee MIA?)

* Ron [Sat, 26 May 2007 01:39:41 +0930]:

> So, if this lib is going to have a long and prosperous future,
> then what it really needs is for its most devoted users to take
> control over their own future with it from a grass roots level.
> They are the people who are actually testing it in real use
> situations, and they are the people most able to identify what
> features are missing and what bugs are troublesome.

> Perhaps we need to get this in git and set up a system where
> people can push changes that they tested locally through a web
> of related users toward inclusion in a new package release.

> That seems a lot more sustainable than having me or some arbitrary
> team foisting random new releases upon the users in the hope that
> more of them will swim than sink.  Changes that apps in the distro
> require can percolate into a new upload in a controlled and well
> tested fashion, and changes that they don't require, or that are
> harmful to too many of them can be excluded until they are refined.

Ron, while I can see how your propoosed model could improve the quality
and usefulness of wxWidgets for the users of the library, it does not
address the original problem raised in this thread, which is: "Stable
releases of wxWidgets get uploaded to Debian very late".

If you want to work on improving the development process of wxWidgets in
order to produce better releases, that's perfectly fine, but once the
wxWidgets project releases a certain version as "stable", your wishes
for a better development process should not prevent you from doing your
task as a Debian maintainer. If something is released, it is a
reasonable expectation that the maintainer will upload it in a timely
manner, unless there's evidence that it's utterly broken -- which it
doesn't seem to be the case here.

Since you reckon that actually maintaining the package is not difficult,
yet you seem to be more motivated by upstream-related stuff than mere
maintenance, maybe you could benefit after all from some motivated
co-maintainers? And hey, this is completely orthogonal to your quest for
involvement from co-dependents, for which I wish you luck.


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