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Re: Is Ron Lee MIA? (was Re: wxwidgets2.8)

On 5/25/07, Aaron M. Ucko <ucko@debian.org> wrote:

Likewise, bitpim has moved to 2.8 upstream, forcing me to hold back or
backport various GUI-related changes on their part, so I'd also
greatly appreciate seeing wxWidgets 2.8 in Debian.

However, I am concerned that its maintainer (Ron Lee) may have gone
altogether MIA, as I see no indication of Debian-related activity on
his part since the end of February; has anyone seen any sign of him

I exchanged a couple of emails with him about GPG signing in April.
His mail was dated Wed, 25 Apr 2007 00:38:14 +0930. He had this to say
about wxWidgets stuff:

Still dunno when I'm going to get to wx2.8 at this stage...  and looking
at what they are doing with 2.9, I'm not sure that its not all going to
get rather pear-shaped for a while -- but more people are going to start
bugging me about it whatever happens there...

If you've got the itch to tinker with this yourself, there is a cvs repo
on alioth we can use to let interested people scratch their own itches
with it...  if there are enough such people, who are also actually using
it, then we should be able to get back to the stability of 2.4 whatever
else upstream does.  I don't think gtk1 is going to last another release,
so we do need a good replacement for it.

I'm thinking there needs to be a co-maintainence team for wxWidgets,
and ron seems open to the idea.



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