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packages newer in Ubuntu than in Debian

Hi Package Maintainers (DD's and non-DD's),

Now that Etch is released to stable, many package maintainers have
already updated their packages to the newest upstream releases.  That is
of course very good.

However, some packages have no working debian/watch file, and then it is
not always easily seen whether there are newer upstream releases
available for these packages.  I suggest to add/update debian/watch with
your next updates of your packages.  Non-DD's are welcome to ask help
for that on debian-mentors@lists.debian.org .  Hint: test the
debian/watch file with "uscan --report-status".

Another approach for identifying packages to be updated in Debian to
newer upstream releases is by comparing Debian with Ubuntu.  Here is a
list of packages that are newer in Ubuntu than in Debian, grouped by

I call these package maintainers to update these packages in Debian
soon.  The corresponding package in Ubuntu might help you to solve
tricky new things, and this might be an opportunity to join efforts with
the Ubuntu maintainer to reduce duplicate effort. Non-DD's are welcome
to request a sponsor on debian-mentors@lists.debian.org .

Sponsors might want to watch these pages to select packages to sponsor:

More information on the Utnubu subproject can be found here:


Bart Martens

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