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Re: RFC: initramfs-tools postinst causes system inconsistency?

On Tue, 15 May 2007 23:54:02 +0200
maximilian attems <max@stro.at> wrote:

> i'd appreciate if you post such questions to the corresponding
> development mailing list which is debian-kernel for initramfs
> questions. 
> thanks
> > Current pratice is to only call `update-initramfs -u', that is, to only
> > update the most recent initramfs. This however will break older
> > initramfses (I have had bugreports). Now I plan to switch to running
> > with '-k all' (all initramfses), but this of course will also
> > influence=20 the packages that ran with '-u' only.
> afaik uswsusp does not support full > 2.6.15 range,
> so better stay on the safe side.

Uswsusp will refuse to suspend or resume with kernels it won't support, so that's OK.

grts Tim

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