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update-initramfs -k all -u


I maintain uswsusp. It is a package that relies on a binary on the
initramfs that will start the resume process. This binary (and some
other stuff) get installed via an update-initramfs call in the postinst.
On some updates, the new binary that suspends the system is
incompatible with the old resume binary on the initramfs, hence a
update-initramfs call is required.

So far so good. 

Current pratice is to only call `update-initramfs -u', that is, to only
update the most recent initramfs. This however will break older
initramfses (I have had bugreports). Now I plan to switch to running
with '-k all' (all initramfses), but this of course will also influence 
the packages that ran with '-u' only. 

Now what do people think is the best option? (And why?)

grts Tim

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