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Re: Second call for votes for the debian project leader election 2007

Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> writes:

> The relation between Rejects and Voters is currently the highest we
> ever had.  I'm just asking whether we need some technical improvement
> here because I personally add a count of three to the rejects and
> have no idea how to vote successfully.

With Gnus+Mailcrypt, I was unable to vote with a signed but not
encrypted ballot.  The voting daemon claimed that there was some
kind of quoted-printable problem.  This surprised me: Gnus and
Mailcrypt have not caused problems for me with any previous
votes.  However, this is the only ballot I recall containing
non-ASCII characters, which could be the cause.

So then I sent in a signed and encrypted ballot.  This caused the
whole ballot to be base64-encoded.  Presumably this sidestepped
the quoted-printable problem, because it was accepted.
Ben Pfaff 

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