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Re: Problems packaging a kernel using cdbs

On Fri, 16 Mar 2007 17:03:46 -0400, Luis R Rodriguez
<mcgrof@gmail.com> said:  

> My goal is to actually generate a debian package which will have a
> very small x86 kernel and a very very custom initramfs (bundles of
> software) for a PXE boot environment. Kernel-package lets me build a
> debian package out of the kernel source tree, but I want to do
> something a bit different. I just looked into kernel-package's
> support for generating custom initramfs cpio archives but it really
> lacks documentation even on the source.

        Since kernel-package does not build initramfs cpio archives,
 there is no wonder kernel-package sources do not have information on
 this.  The man pages have something, though:
,----[ Manual page kernel-pkg.conf(5) ]
|    Set this variable to a space separated list of executables  that
|    create  an  initial  RAM  disk.  This  only  has  any  effect if
|    installing a kernel-image that uses an  initial  RAM  disk.  The
|    commands  so  pointed  must be drop-in compatible with mkinitrd.
|    This sets the built in default used by the  postinst  script  at
|    installation  time, it can be overridden by the administrator at
|    any target machine in  /etc/kernel-img.conf.   If  not  set,  it
|    Defaults  to  a  subset of mkinitrd mkinitrd.yaird mkinitramfs ,
|    the subset being decided based on  the  version  of  the  kernel
|    being built, so one should refrain from setting this manually --
|    unless one knows what one is doing.

        I am not sure what else you expected to find.

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