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Re: Problems packaging a kernel using cdbs

I tried building using make-kpkg with  --initrd binary options, and ended up with a cpio archive. Why? I have no idea.

I looked at the output of the make-kpkg command and was unable to determine which tool it was using to make the initramfs. I suggest some output be generated that shows not only the which command is used, but the full command line options that were passed to it, as it does for the other compile commands in the build process.

I can't tell if my changes to the INITRD_CMD variable actually does anything.
Also, looking at initrd.mk, I see this:

ifneq ($(strip $(INITRD)),)
  ifneq ($(strip $(INITRD_CMD)),)

Why does it care about the value of the INITRD variable? It's not documented. what should it be set to?

On 3/22/07, Manoj Srivastava < srivasta@debian.org> wrote:
On Fri, 16 Mar 2007 17:03:46 -0400, Luis R Rodriguez
<mcgrof@gmail.com> said:

> My goal is to actually generate a debian package which will have a
> very small x86 kernel and a very very custom initramfs (bundles of
> software) for a PXE boot environment. Kernel-package lets me build a
> debian package out of the kernel source tree, but I want to do
> something a bit different. I just looked into kernel-package's
> support for generating custom initramfs cpio archives but it really
> lacks documentation even on the source.

        Since kernel-package does not build initramfs cpio archives,
there is no wonder kernel-package sources do not have information on
this.  The man pages have something, though:
,----[ Manual page kernel-pkg.conf(5) ]
|    Set this variable to a space separated list of executables  that
|    create  an  initial  RAM  disk.  This  only  has  any  effect if
|    installing a kernel-image that uses an  initial  RAM  disk.  The
|    commands  so  pointed  must be drop-in compatible with mkinitrd.
|    This sets the built in default used by the  postinst  script  at
|    installation  time, it can be overridden by the administrator at
|    any target machine in  /etc/kernel-img.conf.   If  not  set,  it
|    Defaults  to  a  subset of mkinitrd mkinitrd.yaird mkinitramfs ,
|    the subset being decided based on  the  version  of  the  kernel
|    being built, so one should refrain from setting this manually --
|    unless one knows what one is doing.

        I am not sure what else you expected to find.

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