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Re: Nice use of profanity...(Re: GNOME and trolls)

Le lundi 19 février 2007 à 14:37 -0500, Greg Folkert a écrit :
> I see you have a great command of the language. Really... I'd expect
> nothing better. You should realize that you are just making a better and
> better case for how much the GNOME teams alienate the users they are
> supposedly service.

I'm used to help users who report bugs, not those who troll on mailing
lists using methods imported from Slashdot.

> I feel sorry for you Josselin, you have my pity.

Currently, there are people in India that need your pity more than
Debian developers having fun of your stupidity.

> Your judicious clipping
> of context is quite good, you should really farm that out and make money
> off that.

... says the guy who systematically forgot to reply to anything that put
his flawed reasoning to pieces using real facts.

> Sorry, but you keep helping my line, the more red faced you get.

I don't care, because you're the only one following this line.

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  `-        our own. Resistance is futile.

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