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Re: Handling of (inactive) Debian Accounts

On 10928 March 1977, amaya@debian.org wrote:

> Yes, it does. They need to fix their packages, or they get orphaned.
> When no packages are left, we talk to DAM.

No. You(Mia) didnt (in the past).

>> How many other MIA people are undiscovered by our current process? 
> I'm sure there are plenty. And I *do* want to believe that no more than
> 25% of us are MIA. There's currently aprox 650 entries in the MIA db.
> This does not mean that they are MIA now, but that they have been at
> some point. This means people come and go in and out of MIA, and it's
> just life.

There is more than 25%. One reaason to do WaT.

No, I wont go with only data from MIA. While the MIA work is good to
have, its not done for the purpose WaT is done. MIA is to get the
packages away from people that miss the time to work on them. After
thats done its basically over.

Yes, the MIA results can (and will) be input for future WaT runs.
As possible other things.

[...] like how many flamewars you start (not one flamewar in 3 months?
You are out, obviously). Or if you havent NMUed X at least twice in
6 months. More than 3 NEW packages a month. [Add more if you want]

Come on people - how about you trust us to do the right thing and not
deactivate accounts that shouldnt? Its not as if we run around blind,
deaf, whatever and ignore reality.

bye Joerg
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