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Re: /var/www or /var/web

The point and not.

1) debian default installation is for the default user.

default user can simply want to have a localhost with php on it for

So installing on /var/www is good for him.

2) webservers

For a webserver (serves only one vhost) default /var/www is most of
times ok.

3) webhosting

These kind of implementations are setup according to the desire of the
IT person who maintains it. I, for example, like to have
a /srv/www/vhost , a /srv/svn(/vhost), etc .

like ftp servers point the anonymous user to /home/ftp , webserver point
default behaviour to /var/www.
This is good for default instalations.

Power users should change as they pleased. I think /srv is meant to this
in cases of webhosting or serving any kind of service (for example file

Sáb, 2007-01-20 às 22:38 +0000, Kai Hendry escreveu:
> On 2007-01-20T15:09-0600 Steve Greenland wrote:
> > I disagree. In particular, your method requires more work: I have to
> > modify DNS in addition to any other setup work.
> True. Updating DNS for Web services is a pain. I usually shoot for a
> wildcard entry.
> > The nice thing about opinions is that everyone can have one. The nice
> > thing about Debian defaults is that no one forces you to use them.
> The way that Debian 'defaults' /var/www with Apache and inconsistently
> with Web applications isn't wanted usually by Webmasters.  Though then
> again, that's really an opinion. ;)
Best Regards,
Luis Matos

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