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Re: ~ SIS is searching for a Solaris / Web Administrator for a Contract Opportunity in San Francisco, CA ~

On Sat, Jan 20, 2007 at 03:41:06AM +0100, Hendrik Sattler
> Am Freitag 19 Januar 2007 21:40 schrieb Christine Cauthen:
> > Must have worked constantly with Solaris 10 and Red Hat
> > within the last 1-2 years.
> [...] 
> > a)Your current Word formatted resume
> Strange, indeed, to expect a Solaris/Linux expert to write
> a resume on Windows 

I think that, even in a Solaris/Linux company, the vast
majority of office workers will be using Windows on their
desktops. Certainly the HR department. I'd imagine the HR
department would impose this restriction on applications as
they'd be the ones filtering them.

Besides, most Web/Unix sysadmins I know use windows on
their desktops anyway.

Jon Dowland

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