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Re: /var/www or /var/web

On Sat, 2007-01-20 at 19:29 +0000, Luis Matos wrote:
> for example, phpsysinfo installs on /usr/share/phpsysinfo and symb links
> into /var/www/phpsysinfo.
> this is ok, but maybe, a better location is sysinfo or hwinfo. the
> easiest way to do this without handling links is to add an alias in the
> web server, which i think should be the default behaviour.

i would agree, and go further to say this should be the *only*

> the same happens with squirrelmail. you would prefer /webmail or a
> single webmail.domain.com host than domain.com/squirrelmail .
> so i think all packages should come with symbolic link or the alias
> option. Not to install directly on /var/www .

before this thread goes any further, i'd recommend that anyone wanting
to contribute their opinions read over the (draft) web applications
policy being developed by the webapps-common team:



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