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Re: /var/www or /var/web

On Sat, Jan 20, 2007 at 01:45:10AM +0100, Georgy Berdyshev wrote:
> Hello, Paul and all Debian developers!!!
> It's great that you're going to package MyServer. If you'll need any
> additional help, just drop a line.
> We prefer: /var/web should stay, as it is MyServer's default web
> content location.
> But when the Debian developers prefer /var/www:
> Can /var/www/myserver be used then?

The idea behind using /var/www for all webservers is that the user can
install a different webserver and it just servers his/her content. All
packaged web aoolications are put into /var/www too so choosing a
different root for MyServer defeats this and makes no sense for Debian.

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