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Re: Politeness was: woody removed from mirrors

Oh, and ... archive.debian.org doesn't seem to be rsync-enabled.  Is
there anyplace that has woody and *does* support rsync?  

On Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 09:48:13PM -0800, Will Lowe wrote:
> It looks like Woody has moved to the archives:
> http://archive.debian.org/dists/woody/
> ... I didn't see an announcment about it to any of the usual lists,
> but perhaps I missed it.  FYI, there probably still are companies
> (like mine :) running large numbers of Woody boxes for legacy
> applications who would like to know when this happens -- it was pretty
> scary this morning when my mirror scripts deleted all of woody from my
> internal mirror -- although obviously they should (as I am) be
> planning to move those legacy apps to sarge or etch.
> Oh ... and my .debian.org login goes back to at least 1997, so nobody
> better start lecturing me about release cycles.  (even if I'm a
> slacker who's mostly disappeared).  :)
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>         Will
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