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Re: Etch Software RAID Upgrade Trouble & Suggested Installer Improvements

Russell Coker dijo [Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 10:07:12AM +1100]:
> > Other than the partition type, there's no way to do this, and
> > setting the partition type is not always desirable.
> It's not always possible on other architectures.  What do you do on a platform 
> that supports the BSD disk label and has no type number?
> Are there any platforms other than i386, AMD64, and IA64 that support the 
> partition type number?

Well, remember the disk with a strange partition does not need to be
the boot disk. Even more if using the installer disk as rescue media,
I really appreciate the ability of plugging some spare disks in a well
supported system and being able to recover a dead system.


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