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Re: exim configuration in master, and per-user DNSBLs

Santiago Vila schrieb am Mittwoch, den 13. Dezember 2006:

> While we are at it, allowing each user to choose among several popular
> DNSBLs would be great too. In fact, there is a dnslists file in /etc/exim4
> which already contains several role accounts (and at least one which is not).
> We would just need to modify db.debian.org slightly so that such file
> is generated automatically from email preferences in our LDAP database.
No, please don't do this. Using _one_ rbl to decide if to reject a mail ist
broken. You should never rely on one external source for deciding if you
should accept a mail. I would consider every system broken that works like
this. It would be ok to ask >= 3 lists and to reject if all or most of them
listed the ip.


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