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Re: exim configuration in master, and per-user DNSBLs

On Thu 14 Dec 2006, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Dec 2006, Santiago Vila wrote:
> > What about elementary HELO checking? Do they need "patches" as well?
> > [ I would gladly explain how to do it with postfix, but we are using exim ].
> I can't answer for them. But as an alioth admin, I always like patches
> even for changes which look like trivial. It proves that someone has
> investigated a bit, wrote a patch and possibly tested it.

I use stanzas like the following in my local rcpt acl file:

  drop message = SMTP client $sender_host_address is an imposter, faking myself: "$sender_helo_name"
       condition = ${if eqi{$sender_helo_name}{localhost}{yes}{no}}
       delay = 30s

Repeat a couple of times, replacing "localhost" with your FQDN, DN, IP
address, ...

The "drop" means that the connection is dropped after the error message,
instead of letting the sending system try all sorts of recipients;
the error message itself is delayed 30 seconds in a feeble teergrubing
attempt (maybe not suitable for a busy system).

In the case of alioth it would mean adding these to /etc/exim4/alioth_acl_rcpt .
I'd add them to the top, as I wouldn't even want postmaster mail from
such systems.

Paul Slootman

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