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exim configuration in master, and per-user DNSBLs


Excerpt from a spam message received today:

Received: from 245.pool85-48-75.dynamic.orange.es ([] helo=master.debian.org)
        by master.debian.org with smtp (Exim 4.50)

There is no point in master allowing email from a remote MTA who
pretends to be master.

Could we please fine-tune exim configuration in master and implement
trivial checking of HELO strings, please? Neither, localhost
or master is ok if it comes from a remote machine. We are allowing spam
to propagate gratuitously.

While we are at it, allowing each user to choose among several popular
DNSBLs would be great too. In fact, there is a dnslists file in /etc/exim4
which already contains several role accounts (and at least one which is not).
We would just need to modify db.debian.org slightly so that such file
is generated automatically from email preferences in our LDAP database.

Would debian-admin be willing to do this sort of thing, please?

I agree that we are all volunteers and such, but, on the other hand,
"with great power comes great responsability".


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