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Re: Names of ROOT packages in Debian

* Steffen Moeller:

> I do not like "project" in the package name too much. If you think of 
> how "www.r-project.org" is presented in Debian (as r-..) then it would sound 
> strange to me to add "project" to a project that does not have "project" in 
> its name.

It's less confusing than "root-system", I think.  After all, this
hasn't got to do anything with file systems.

> The problem of the ambiguity of the term "root" remains. Preferable to me 
> would be to have the name of the institute as a prefix, which would make it 
> cern-root-... or libcern-root-..., much analogous how the products of the 
> NCBI are treated in Debian.

This sounds like a good idea to me.  For extra safety, you should ask
the CERN folks if they agree.

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