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Names of ROOT packages in Debian

Dear Debian Developers,  

I have filled an ITP [1] on packaging the ROOT [2] software, a suite of
C++ classes, utilities, etc. designed for making large scale data
analysis software in the Physical Sciences.  It's considered to be part
[3] of the DebianScience [4] `sub-project'. 

The packages are ready, and have been tested independently on i386,
amd64, powerpc, and powerpc64.

We, (Kevin McCarty, who's sponsoring, and I) have uploaded these
packages twice to the `experimental' NEW queue.   For now, we only
target the `experimental' distribution.   Later on (after the etch
release) we will upload to `sid'. 

The first time the packages was rejected (on the 3rd of June this year)
because of license problems.    This has since been dealt with with the
kind help of upstream, Kevin, and third-party developers. 

The second time around (on the 18th of November this year), the packages
was rejected because the FTP masters felt that the package names were
too generic. 

The source package name is currently `root', as is the name of the
binary metapackage that depends on or recommends all ROOT-related
packages.  Debian binary packages of ROOT currently are named according
to this scheme (5.13 is the current major version number of ROOT):

  Shared libraries: libroot5.13 for the core libs
                    libroot-*5.13 for add-on libs
  Libdevel pkgs:    libroot-dev for the core libs
                    libroot-*-dev for add-on libs
  Plugins:          root-plugin-*
  Executables:      root-bin for the core binaries
                    root-* for add-on binaries, e.g., root-xrootd
  Other packages:   root-doc, root-doc, ttf-root-installer

So, we have to rename the packages somehow.   As I see it, there are 2

      * Rename the source package and the meta package to `root-system',
        and leave the rest of the package names.  This is what would
        require the least work of me and upstream.  
      * Substitute _every_ occurrence of the string `root' with
        `rootsys' in the package names.  This would rename all the

Note, that the `root-bin' package contains a binary called
`/usr/bin/root'.   This cannot be renamed.  It's what the users and
various other tools expect. 

We have asked the FTP masters directly what they think would be
acceptable names, and which packages that would need renaming.  Alas,
the FTP masters have not responded to the 2 emails I sent over the past
weeks, and time is running out with respect to the next upstream
release. Since ROOT major version 5.14 will be a production (or
"stable") release, we hope to target that at Debian unstable instead of
`experimental'.  The package naming issue must be settled before then.

So, we would like to ask the Debian Developer community on their take on
this.  Should only the source package and meta package be renamed (first
bullet above), or should all the packages be renamed (second bullet), or
if you have some other idea, let us know.  If we can come to some
consensus on this, we will implement that and upload once again to the
experimental NEW queue.    

Thank you for your input. 

P.s.: I am not on this list, so please Cc all answers directly to me on

P.p.s.: Some additional information on the packages:

A repository of the packages can be found at 

         deb http://mirror.phy.bnl.gov/debian-root unstable root 
     deb-src http://mirror.phy.bnl.gov/debian-root unstable root 

(see also http://mirror.phy.bnl.gov/debian-root for more info). 
The entire set of packages are 

   libroot-clarens-dev	Clarens extension for ROOT - development files 
   libroot-clarens5.13	Clarens extension for ROOT - run-time libraries
           libroot-dev	Header files for ROOT                          
      libroot-ldap-dev	Ldap extension for ROOT                        
      libroot-ldap5.13	Ldap extension for ROOT - run-time libraries   
  libroot-mathmore-dev	Mathmore plugin for ROOT                       
  libroot-mathmore5.13	GSL interface library for ROOT                 
    libroot-minuit-dev	Minuit plugin for ROOT                         
    libroot-minuit5.13	Minuit plugin for ROOT                         
       libroot-mlp-dev	Multi layer perceptron extension for ROOT - dev
       libroot-mlp5.13	Multi layer perceptron extension for ROOT - run
    libroot-python-dev	Python extension for ROOT - development files  
    libroot-python5.13	Python extension for ROOT - runtime libraries  
     libroot-quadp-dev	QuadP extension for ROOT - development files   
     libroot-quadp5.13	QuadP extension for ROOT - run-time libraries  
    libroot-roofit-dev	ROOT extension for modeling expected distribtio
    libroot-roofit5.13	ROOT extension for modeling expected distribtio
      libroot-ruby-dev	Ruby extension for ROOT - development headers  
      libroot-ruby5.13	Ruby extension for ROOT - run-time library     
      libroot-tmva-dev	Toolkit for multivariate data analysis - develo
      libroot-tmva5.13	Toolkit for multivariate data analysis         
           libroot5.13	Numerical data analysis framework - shared runt
              root-bin	Numerical data analysis framework - general app
           root-common	Common files for ROOT                          
              root-doc	Tutorial and test suit for the ROOT system     
   root-plugin-asimage	AfterImage plugin for ROOT                     
     root-plugin-fftw3	FFTw plugin for ROOT                           
    root-plugin-fumili	Fumili plugin for ROOT                         
        root-plugin-gl	GL plugin for ROOT                             
     root-plugin-hbook	Hbook plugin for ROOT                          
      root-plugin-krb5	Kerberos (version 5) plugin for ROOT           
     root-plugin-maxdb	MaxDB client plugin for ROOT                   
   root-plugin-minuit2	Minuit version 2 plugin for ROOT               
     root-plugin-mysql	MySQL client plugin for ROOT                   
      root-plugin-netx	NetX plugin for ROOT                           
      root-plugin-odbc	ODBC plugin for ROOT                           
      root-plugin-peac	PEAC plugin for ROOT - run-time libraries      
     root-plugin-pgsql	PostgreSQL client plugin for ROOT              
     root-plugin-proof	PROOF plugin for ROOT                          
        root-plugin-qt	Qt plugin for ROOT                             
       root-plugin-sql	SQL plugin for ROOT                            
       root-plugin-xml	XML reader plugin for ROOT                     
    root-plugin-xproof	XPROOF plugin for ROOT                         
           root-proofd	Parallel ROOt Facility - distributed, parallel 
            root-rootd	ROOT remote file server                        
                  root	Meta package to install all ROOT packages      
           root-xrootd	Extented ROOT file server                      
    ttf-root-installer	True type fonts for ROOT - installer package   

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=325306
[2] http://root.cern.ch
[3] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianScienceROOT
[4] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianScience


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