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Re: Names of ROOT packages in Debian

* Christian Holm Christensen:

>   Shared libraries: libroot5.13 for the core libs
>                     libroot-*5.13 for add-on libs
>   Libdevel pkgs:    libroot-dev for the core libs
>                     libroot-*-dev for add-on libs

These shouldn't be a problem, I think.

>   Plugins:          root-plugin-*
>   Executables:      root-bin for the core binaries
>                     root-* for add-on binaries, e.g., root-xrootd
>   Other packages:   root-doc, root-doc, ttf-root-installer

"root-project" instead of "root" could solve the problem.  It's not
just that the name is too generic, your users might assume that
root-tail and root-portal are part of your packages.

But you really need to get ftpmaster feedback.  This isn't something
that should be resolved by a popular vote.

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