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Re: Names of ROOT packages in Debian

Florian Weimer wrote:

> * Steffen Moeller:
>> I do not like "project" in the package name too much. If you think of 
>> how "www.r-project.org" is presented in Debian (as r-..) then it would sound 
>> strange to me to add "project" to a project that does not have "project" in 
>> its name.
> It's less confusing than "root-system", I think.  After all, this
> hasn't got to do anything with file systems.
>> The problem of the ambiguity of the term "root" remains. Preferable to me 
>> would be to have the name of the institute as a prefix, which would make it 
>> cern-root-... or libcern-root-..., much analogous how the products of the 
>> NCBI are treated in Debian.
> This sounds like a good idea to me.  For extra safety, you should ask
> the CERN folks if they agree.

I think that Christian is opposed to having "cern" in the package names,
for the reason that although the ROOT project is hosted by CERN, many
many people not affiliated with CERN have worked on the project and
contributed greatly to it.  The feeling is that having "cern" in the
package names would be a slight to those non-CERN-affiliated folks.

The acronym ROOT is supposed to expand to "ROOT's Object-Oriented
Technologies" I think, so maybe a good package naming system could be
constructed from that somehow?  Although I don't see it myself offhand.

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