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Re: Debian Source Packages

On 12/8/06, Ken&Tam <klhrevolutionist@charter.net> wrote:
Hello, my name is Kenneth. I am looking source files. I have looked over
your web site and no link is available to allow persons to access the
source directory.

If you do this by email request, then I am requesting the packages
"IceApe & IceDove".
I do hope that you provide a link on your website in the future for
those wishing to access the source files.

Thank you.

Firstly, it is mainly intended that the files be retrieved with 'apt-get', e.g.
       apt-get source iceape

Secondly, if you are using packages.debian.org, you need to look at
the 'source package' iceape to get the download.

Thirdly, as Daniel pointed out, you can just browse through the mirror
to find them.

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